About Scotty McCreery

Scotty McCreery was born in 1993 in Garner, NC. He took up the guitar at age 10 after impersonating Elvis Presley at an early age.

While attending Garner Magnet High School, he joined a vocal ensemble called Die Meistersingers which travels and performs all over the US. With his deep rich voice Scotty sings bass but started singing tenor with the ensemble.

Before entering American Idol, Scotty had already won a singing contest that was held at the Clayton Harvest Festival in Clayton, NC. It was there that he met his musical mentor Bud Moffett who was one of the judges that helped put Scotty through to the final round.

When Bud Moffett had a gig at Mulberry on Main Scotty and his family were invited to go. It was there that Scotty ended up playing two songs with Bud and Scotty blew the crowd away. It was even evident then that Scotty had something the fans adored.

Mrs. McCreery asked Bud if he could work with Scotty since they told him of their plans to take Scotty to Milwaukee and audition for American Idol. It was Bud who encouraged Scotty to sing Josh Turner’s “Your Man” and pretty much became his theme song.

Scotty shares his openness and strength in his faith and remains very loyal to his family and friends. Besides his talent as a singer and deep rich voice, people see something in Scotty that is almost impossible not to like, his down to earth attitude and his charismatic charm may be some of the reasons he shot up to the top of American Idol from a checkout clerk a few months earlier.

See & Hear Scotty McCreery at the Clayton Harvest Festival in Clayton, NC

Scotty was already Oooing and Aaahhhhing the audience before he became the 1oth American Idol


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